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For the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work with and learn from my brilliant bosses and colleagues in The World Bank's Sustainable Development Vice Presidency Unit. As a Communications Analyst, I work on external communications strategy and work on maintaining and creating external partnerships. 


Working with economists and technical experts to bring their field stories to life is one of joys of being an editor at The World Bank. Our team is constantly thinking of interesting ways to amplify our projects and this has led to photo competitions and even an embedded puzzle blog! Subscribe to our Sustainable Communities Blog Series HERE.

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A road by any other name: street naming and property addressing system in Accra, Ghana


Twelve big moments of building sustainable cities and communities

thailand issara anujun shutterstock.jpg

Leaving no one behind – achieving disability-inclusive disaster risk management


Our tweets can be found on @WBG_Cities and regularly appear on @WorldBank

The accounts have 43.8k followers  and 2.87 million followers respectively (Sept 2018)

This is a featured tweet we recently sent, which was a break from our usual "educational" style of tweeting. 

I'm very grateful to have a supervisor who continually allows me the freedom to experiment with different tactics on social media. (Check out the GIF!)


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