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From rocket launches to Mars, to media monitoring for the Lebanese Finance Minister, the world of communications is always an adventure. Click on my resume below to find out more:



InSight Mars Launch

Social Media Journalist


From May 3-5, I was given the opportunity to witness the events leading up to the West Coast's first ever interplanetary rocket launch to Mars.

The InSight lander will deploy the first seismometer to the surface of another planet to map the deep interior of mars. Check out my coverage below:


The World Bank

Sustainable Communities

Online Producer


In order to build sustainable communities, we need to build places and communities which are both resilient and inclusive. Here are some of the stories we've told:


Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of American History 


Tasked with promoting our new celluloid plastic calendar collection at the museum, I wrote a blog post about the last sequential date in 90 years. This post accidentally went viral after being shared on PBS social media platforms.  

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