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Think it's just a loaf of bread?

Nope. It made me go low-key viral.

Solving problems one word at a time. 

Hi, I'm Lois.

I feel strongly about content creation and communication strategies because of all the Hibachi restaurants in the United States. 

Why Hibachi restaurants one may ask? Having grown up in Singapore and Australia, I only came to the U.S. when I was 21 to pursue my B.A. in Communication at Flagler College (St. Augustine, Florida). The first dinner I ever had in Florida was at a small Japanese establishment and the hostess asked if I wanted a table or a seat at the Hibachi area. I grew excited at the thought of having Hibachi and opted for that, only to be led to a Teppanyaki table.  


What I had failed to realize was that Hibachi meant something completely different in North America and what I had grown up knowing as Teppanyaki was actually Hibachi. This poignant incident led me to question the power of words and culture, maintaining that no culture is ever wrong - just different. 

After graduating from Georgetown University with an M.A. in Communication, Culture and Technology, I started working at The World Bank. Now I get to amplify and highlight sustainable development issues globally daily! 


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